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I just taught them a peace sign :)One of the most important things I’ve learned is that all too often people get caught up in a quest for material things.  People are conditioned to think that their external circumstances and conditions are what determines their happiness.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

I’ve been around the world, visiting with some of the poorest children on the planet in remote villages in Fiji.  I’ve lived with children in an orphanages in Kenya.  I’ve spent hours and hours with children at the SOS Children’s Village in Jamaica.  My younger sister, Loren, is adopted from an orphanage in China.

What I can tell you with 100% certainty and conviction is that a person’s external world does not determine their internal happiness.  The kids at these orphanages are happier, more well-adjusted, and have more fun that most of the people I know.

My dear friend, Anandagiri, puts it this way:  ”Suffering is never from the fact.  Suffering is always from the perception of the fact.”  (Anandagiri’s organization, One World Academy, based in Chennai, India, does many service projects all over the world.)

What these children really need more than anything is a vision for their future, and a sense of knowing that somebody cares about them.  And they must also be protected from being told and conditioned that they are somehow inferior than other kids.

So my mission, the mission of the Blue Lion Foundation, is to do whatever I can to make sure all of these kids know they’re loved, know the world hasn’t forgotten about them, and to remind them, to TEACH them, that their happiness isn’t determined by any outside factors.  They can be happy all the time.

We all have gifts that we’ve been given, gifts that we’ve been blessed with.  My mission is to help remind these children that the true gifts in life are within us all.

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